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Barefoot Days & Literary Nights

Hi and Welcome!

Once upon a time there was a young girl who told fantastic stories. Then one day she was given a pen and taught to write...and behold a writer was born! I write in the many genres: paranormal, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery/suspense, thrillers etc.

Some of my writing and poetry has appeared in Cauldron and Quill and Celebrations(2005 and 2006).

Member of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (SSEA)

Studied belly dance at the Arabesque Academy, Toronto

Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography

Certified Crystal Healer through the TRS Healing Centre

»writer, photographer, belly_dancer, crystal_healer, oracle, philosopher, shakespeare_&_theatre_junkie, muse, environmentalist_&_conservationist»

If you're also a writer by all means friend me! If you add me to your friends list...don't be shy - say hello! I hope you comment and tell me why you added me as a friend! I might friend you back if I think you're interesting or if we have things in common. I do not friend those who don't update their journals at all or very infrequently. I also don't friend back journals in foreign languages I do not understand but please don't be offended by it....would you friend something you don't understand? If I removed you from my friends list don't take it personally it's probably because you don't update your journal frequently enough or comment enough...lol why do you have a journal/blog if you aren't going to use it?!?!

»And certain stars shot madly from their spheres to hear the sea-maid's music.»
~William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream (Oberon, Act II, i)


Catechism for a Witch's Child

When they ask to see your gods
your book of prayers
show them lines
drawn delicately with veins
on the underside of a bird's wing
tell them you believe
in giant sycamores mottled
and stark against a winter sky
and in nights so frozen
stars crack open spilling
streams of molten ice to earth
and tell them how you drink
a holy wine of honeysuckle
on a warm spring day
and of the softness
of your mother who never taught you
death was life's reward
but who believed in the earth
and the sun
and a million, million light years
of being

© 1986 J.L.Stanley

• AR2: TEAM 2 FAST & 2 FURIOUS "Tuna no crust..."
• AR9: TEAM JEDI "Using The Force..."
• AR12: TEAM SG:ATLANTIS "Shoot first ask questions later!"
• AR13: TEAM BLOOD TIES "Taking a bite out of the competition!"
• AR1?: TEAM IN THE (ROBIN) HOOD "Aiming for the top for we are Robin Hood!"
• AR18?: TEAM POI (PERSON OF INTEREST) "We are watching you!"
• AR19?: TEAM JOHN CARTER "Let them be crushed, like unhatched eggs!"

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