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Toronto Yoga Show

On Saturday we went to the Yoga Show and Conference...just the vendor part as the actual classes cost $$. We walked around for a few hours and most the vendors were the same. Saw Kelly from Sacred Gemstone who came in from Vancouver and also talked to the guy at Hamsa Heaven about crystal grids. Joy from Joyous Health was there too. Got some free samples lol. Tried Hawaiian "kona" coffee - ok technically it was just a sip - but it was delish and very mild. No after affects either that I get with normal coffee.

Lots of great things to buy but when you're not working and have no money you file these things away for someday. So maybe next year I can get that new yoga mat I need or some of the yoga pants/tops I'd love to get.

On the down side...the crystals were so overpriced. One woman was selling laser cut clear quartz crystals as phantom quartz and when I said where's the phantom - she has the audacity to say that you can't see the phantoms in all pieces but they have bits of minerals inside them. I said to her "um...ya that's inclusion quartz not phantom quartz". She gave me a dirty look. I walked away. You can try to fool the noob but I've been working with crystals since I was about 40+ years experience has advantages....don't question my expertise on cyrstals EVER!

Came home and later watched the movie Mortal Engines which is based on a YA series of 4 books and the movie was so much better than I thought it would be...really interesting plot and characters. Will take the books out of the library in the not too distant future.
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