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Update...long time no see.

August - December...contract position UofT:
Haven't updated in ages. Just wasn't up to it. The contract position at the University came and went. It was frustrating as they have no plan for training. You were expected to guess what to do. They left a document that didn't give information on who to contact or where to find the info just what was required in the position. Makes no sense.

Tired of working at a job. Want to write - only thing I don't find stressful and makes me happy. Universe doesn't think so...or that's the message I get. Again doesn't matter nothing does.

Gem and Yoga shows came and went. Didn't buy much as no $$. Meh. It is what it is.

Christmas came and went. Sil's brother Steven died suddenly at work heart attack was determined by the coroner. He died in the bathroom at his office. Feel bad for the guy who found him. Horrible. Sad all around. Police had to track down Sil. No next of kin listed.

Was fairly uneventful. Brenda from the AD died. Jim Dunn told me over LinkedIn she was dying. Sad she had cancer. Awful disease. She didn't tell anyone. Guess she didn't want people to know. Char called to tell me she died too. Haven't heard from her for ages before that. I didn't go to the funeral.

Started new IG accounts for writing (@moonspinners13)

Health issue flare up. First time ever. Need to lose all the stress weight. Life is hard.

Writing group started up again after 3 years. Anyways I started new story. Fun. thriller and I love my characters they all rock even the villains!

Strange hostage situ at my Dad's apt complex on the same floor a couple of doors down from him. Had me really worried but it ended peacefully it seemed. Lasted from 3am to about 9am. Nothing on the news. Stress. Too much stress. Falling apart

Writing group 2nd meeting.

Health still an issue. Found epsom salt working but slowly. Some relief. Still stressed.

Pretty sure I'm going through a dark night of the soul. 99.9% sure. Nothing to do but feel, let it go, wait it out. Great.

Still no job.

Arm also started hurting. Not sure why but lots of pain. Just more more thing causing pain.
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