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Nordstron Rack - Opening

This morning I went the opening of Nordstrom Rack at Yonge & Bloor. We got free umbrella plus coffee and snacks.

Talked to some nice people in the line up since I was there all by my lonesome. LC had work.

The store is basically a glorified Winners with some designer stuff. Some of the prices are decent and some not so much but still in the average price range for that kind of store...not crazy expensive. So many of the products/brands are available in other stores so don't see what all the fuss & hoopla was all about really.

Just before they let us in some chickypoo was running around with a microphone (coudln't hear through the glass) as if she was performing on Much Music. She was doing some kind of pep talk and cheer. The staff looked less than enthusiastic about it half clapping, doing the hand 'n arm gestures. We joked in line about doing the hokey pokey and sell sell sell! People were laughing...

Later...said cickypoo would stand right at the exit to the cashiers blocking it and then back up effectively tripping me as I exited and then proceed to blame the sign, stating that it should be there, and she was going to move it as it was in the way. SIGH no...chickypoo, you were in the way, laughing with yer coworkers and basically not paying attention...don't blame the poor sign. Signism lol.

I nearly died of laughter/embarrassment when they entire store staff clapped upon opening as we were walking in. They were even filming it....really?

Didn't win the $500 gift certificate - they called number 559047 and mine number was close!!!

Big purchase was a $3.11 package of organic hand sanitizer sheets.

Might go back to purchase the inexpensive 3 drawer organizer so I can put my essential oils in it but need to measure to be sure they'll fit.
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