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Yoga Conference/Toronto Yoga Show 2018

On the weekend I attended the Yoga Converence/Toronto Yoga Show at the MTCC because tickets right.

Picked up a lovely petrified wood bracelet! Petrified wood is good for ancestral as well as nature and root work.

Yesterday, I decided to wrap (a newly learned skill needing work) one of my pieces of petrified wood (bought 18 years ago O_O ) to go with my new bracelet. (I knew that one day I'd do something with this little piece lol).

The energy is amazing with the 2 together and I experienced a different kind of earthing/grounding - strong and rooted. In addition to the stable and strong energies there was a no worries everything will be all right vibe about it plus a feeling of safety as if cradled in the arms of Mother Nature!
What perfect timing for it's use since I have exams to invigilate this week into next week. During this time of year, the students energy is heightened and I need to be a grounding authoritative force as they take their it's good to be rooted!
Tags: conventions, crystals, events, jewlery, spirituality
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