Niviene (niviene) wrote,

St Patrick's Day Parade and The Gem/Meta Expo

So behind in posting...two weeks behind!

Two Saturday's ago we had the St Patrick's Day parade in our area. Took a few pics. Fell in love with the Irish Wolfhounds. They are a really cool dog breed. My feet froze standing out in the cold for a couple of hours...I wore the wrong boots...silly me....but they warmed up once back inside. Fun times.

Friday night headed down to Comic Con - we always get a free pass for one day for this 3 day event so we went Friday as there wasns't any guest speakers we wanted to see. Walked around the vendor's floor for about an hour and a half. Same old vendors for the most part but free is free right?!?! There was one new vendor with some fantastic t-shirts and one in particular with Stargate symbols on it. Love my Stargate what can I say. I got their card for next time.

Last Saturday on the real St Patrick's day we went to the Gem and Meta Expo at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Usually it's just the Gem show but they added the Meta just this year. Crystals, crystals and more crystals at the Gem show and psychics, reiki practitioners and metaphysical store booths at the Meta Expo. I finally got a tiny and inexpensive boulder opal that I could afford. I coudn't afford the gorgeous Lithium Quartz I wanted :(. I did find a fossilized druzy seashell I've been wanting for ages now at the French booth (my fav booth along with Kelly's at SacredGemstones). The French booth is inexpensive compared to all the other booths and I've purchased a lot of crystals there back when I could afford them.

Tags: conventions, crystals, metaphysical, stargate
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