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chaos of moving after 14 years and settling in to new adventures

After the chaotic craziness of that last 3 months I can finally update!

On Nov 27, 2017 we found out we had to move. On Dec 18, 2017 we were officially approved and signed our new lease for our current apartment (no idea how this miracle happened all things considering). On February 1st, 2018 we moved in. Somethings were in alignment - the super blue blood moon to be exact.

The move went smoothly for the most part but took just a wee bit longer than expected. Only two things got broken - my favourite plant which I salvaged some and replanted in a much much smaller pot and a statue - winged Venus. The wings were saved. The new place is nice with hardwood parque floors and renovated kitchen & bathroom. It's much smaller but our stuff fits in nicely even though we're only half unpacked. We do have a bit of storage to work out. We're also on the waiting list to get a building locker space which is limited. It could be years before we get one or not. No one knows how long it will be. We have to get creative regarding space.

Working on the kitchen these days. I had to clean it first as the reno dust still lingered. Got all the cabinets lined and am now in the process of washing all our dishes after being in boxes for a couple of weeks and on a dusty truck. Takes forever since we no longer have a dishwasher. I don't mind washing dishes but it's a lot right now and am missing my dishwasher.
There's also the laundry which is in the building but not the apt. Miss that too. Don't miss the old crappy carpet we had at all nor do I miss the noise level at the old place. Our current place is soooooo quiet. We don't have anyone on either side of us. We have the garbage shoot which we can't hear at all on one side and the elevators on the other which you can hear occasionally but isn't all that noticeable unless you're listening for it. We are sleeping more deeply here too I have to say. My sleep still isn't great due to stress and job hunting but it's a better quality of sleep when I do than at the old place where trucks would wake you up in the middle of the night / all hours of the morning! The only drawback is the reno smell is still linguering and driving my allergies crazy...I can barely breath and throat is raw. Also the air in here is very dry and my throat and nose is so out of wack...better now that we have the humidifiers on but not ideal...bring on summer!!!

The view from the windows is fantastic and I already twice saw my hawks!! I used to see them when I worked at the AD and now I can see them again...makes up for not seeing/hearing my beautiful seagulls whom I miss listening to their calls and am probably one of the only people who love listening to them!!!

Our new 'hood' takes some getting used's nice but the grocery stores are all over the place. You have to go in different directions to find the deals as food here is about a $1 more expensive and can add up to your grocery bill. We can walk to one of the grocery places completely underground and that's convenient during snowy days but it's smallish! Metro and the big Lablaws are a couple of transit stops down but walkable in summertime. Whole Foods is walkable above ground but we haven't checked it out yet. Hoping prices have dropped there since Amazon bought it but not holding my breath on it. No Frills is a few blocks away above ground as well. In winter these places are ok to walk but very slippery - no one up here salts their sidewalks...WTF?! In our old area they always did in the winter so no issues walking. I already fell badly in front of the Reference Library (they don't salt AT ALL) coming back from Can Tire. Small things I miss about the old hood. We were already once back to STL Market to get the simple things like organic tomatoes and good chicken and some other stuff. We tried the chicken here but it's mostly bones you're paying for :/ I had a chicken leg and the meat didn't even fill the palm of my hand again WTF?! The chicken is so much better at the STL Market and we plan to go back twice a month if possible. It's worth it $$ wise.

But for the most part it's all good - just takes getting used to and adjusting to where to go for what and when. Will post pics once we've finished unpacking and have set up the place.
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