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Yoga & Wellness Show 2017

Use my free tickets to get into the Yoga & Wellness show at the Enercare Centre on Saturday!

It wasn't as cramped a space this time with all booths laid out neatly and lots of room to browse and walk around it. Some of the same vendors which is nice and lots of new ones...picked up a couple of inexpensive bracelets: rhodonite, rosequartz/amazonite I've been wanting. One vendor had a gorgeous labradorite/rainbow moonstone but at $65 I passed - way way way out of my budget at this time :( Also picked up a couple of ammonite fossils that came as a pair and so inexpensive I don't think anyone realized their true value \o/.

The food vendors though were another story...not much there and nothing I'd eat. Only things they had were sushi or Indian vegetarian with curry and I'm allergic to one of the spices used in curry so no thanks and also allergic to raw and shell fish so again no thanks. That was disappointing because one of the vendors at the other yoga show had these veggies wrapped in rice paper which I was hoping they might have at this show.

Nice show and relaxig to walk through without crowds or rushing.
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