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Riverdale Farm and Cabbagetown Street Festival

Headed out to the RF and CSF this afternoon...

Never been to Riverdale Farm...such a lovely little bit of nature within the city plus animals. Took some great photos too. Want to go back for their Halloween on Oct 21. Hopefully the fall colour change will have happened but it's unusually warm this Sept with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius and humidity factors of 40 Celsius. Seasonal temps should be around 19 degree Celsius. Welcome to climate change kids! LC picked up a cool Hans Christian Anderson book for $1 - proceeds benefiting the upkeep of the farm - from the 1800s.

During our trip we discovered that the Cabbagetown (where Riverdale Farm is located) was having their annual street festival. Lots of vendors especially food. Got a Labradorite bracelet which has an amazing flash in it. Summer Fresh was handing out free salads \o/.

In addition, Cabbagetown was also having it's Arts & Crafts in the Park sale as well as garage sales in the much to check out! I did pick up some natural ingredient body soap wrapped in sheep's wool which is a natural exfoliant plus some wool dryer balls which eliminate the need for dryer sheets (which we never use due to the horrible chemical ingredients) and the plastic balls we normally use in which small plastic bits come off in the high dryer heat and can sometimes get lodged in your dryer causing damage (didn't know that). Wished I gone back to the the larvakite pendant I saw at one of the booths...oh well.

I'm surprised we fit all this into the day! Good times and good sleeps tonight from all the walking.
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