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Guess what's legal in Canada?

The Canadian government just revised section 365 of Canada's criminal code! I'm sure you're all wondering what that means. Check it out here. So what do you think about that?!?! Exciting n'est pas?

This makes me happy for many reasons but it's 2017 and it's about time old outdated modes of thinking are abolished. Canada is just the most f*king coolest country on the planet and I happen to be a proud Canadian. Thanks to Trudeau and the Liberal government for being progressive and having the courage to make necessary changes to archaic law practices.

Now that being said, fraud is a major crime and no one should be a victim of it so beware and be safe. Use your judgement when pursuing new age services.

Although I do not practice witchcraft, I am happy this law is being changed for those who do. It's about time.

Does happy dance of joy!
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