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The Mummy

Went to see The Mummy this afternoon. Yes the one with Tom Cruise. No I am not a TC fan. He was ok in it to be honest. Didn't hate his character but didn't love him either. Feel the character wasn't fleshed out enough from a writing standpoint and so that prevented me from feeling anything for the character. Now Sofia Boutella who played the mummy was fantastic. Did have a huge issue with the portrayal of Ancient Egypt in this. There were so many inconsistencies it had me seething!

We met nice guy who asked us what we thought about it after it was over. We chatted bout the movie for awhile where I mentioned my issue with the AE portrayal. We continued the conversation while walking out not just on ancient Egypt, but the concept of reincarnation, yoga etc. The guy showed me book he's writing about past lives and reincarnation and spirituality asking if I thought it may have relevance to today's generation to which I replied a strong resounding yes since most of my friends are into the metaphysical!
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