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Doors Open Toronto 2017

This weekend we went to Doors Open Toronto again. It happens every year on the last weekend in May. So this year, in honour of Canada's 150th birthday, 150 buildings opened their doors for free to the public. Many of these buildings are not opened to visitors. Some have self guided tours where you just walk around while others have guides or people in period costumes who give you the history of the building and provide some entertainment. Not all buildings allow photography. A few buildings get lineups but most you just walk right in, no waiting.

LC and I went to about 10 buildings in total...


Alumnae Theatre (elderly volunteers were a wealth of knowledge and stories, used to be a turn of century fire hall)

Little Trinity Church (oldest church in Toronto, got to ring the steeple bell!)
Little Trinity Tea Room (had tea, cookies, and socialized with strangers)
Little Trinity Offices (local art display in the halls)


Massey Hall (music hall, got my picture taken on stage with electric guitar)

Ontario Heritage Centre (used for movie shoots as news paper or police offices)

Tom Jones Steak House (restaurant, lots of lovely stained glass windows/art)

St Lawrence Hall (weddings and meetings held here, at turn of century used as political meeting space)

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse (turn of the century grade school)

Alumnae Theatre (I went back to take pics as I had forgotten my camera on Saturday)

Until next year!
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