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xXx - the Return of Xandar Cage

Went into this movie not sure what to expect. I'd seen the trailers/promos for it and parts looked really cool and parts looked meh. I wasn't sure if I'd be getting the same thrill ride that the original Triple X movie delivered. It wasn't quite up to par but it was still fun. No spoilers btw. This is in effect the third installment of the movie as xXx2 did not have Cage's character in it.

Plot: Everyone is trying to be the first to obtain a weapon known as Pandora's Box which can crash any satellite orbiting the planet.

First the opening credits ran too long and could have been edited down a quarter of the time and been done over the opening scene of the movie as well which didn't even need dialogue - normally I could care less about opening credits but this was so blatant it detracted from my enjoyment of the movie. Also there were pauses in the action to put up random fact bios on a character which was really annoying and beneath the Triple X franchise imo. The whole beginning part of the movie I kept thinking am I watching xXx or am I watching Kingsman? It had that whole parody feel which wasn't in keeping with the original movie which was on a more serious note and true action thriller.

Vin Diesel was fantastic as Cage...nothing surprising on that part. Besides Cage, both the characters of Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) and Darius Stone (Ice Cube) return (xXx 2). Lots of great new characters on Cage's extreme team - would have loved to get to know their background story and how Xander came to know or work with them - am wondering if this means that in future movies their characters will be expanded on? Would love to see more of Xiang (Donnie Yen), Serena Unger (Deepika Padukone), Adele Wolff (Ruby Rose), Tennyson Torch (Rory McCann). Now, - characters that fell short - Becky Clearidge (Nina Dobrev), a nerdy tech girl who was fangirling over Cage and something I just couldn't identify with. She came off as a immature teen and contrary to her character's age which had to be at least late 20s and whose job it was to make cool James Bond type weapons for the Triple X program (you'd think that Dobrev would want to shake this kind of teen image after Vampire Diaries). Her dialogue was pathetic and not very funny for the most part which I think was what the writers were aiming for - comic relief - it just didn't work. Toni Collette played Jane Marke, a high level government employee hell bent on getting Pandora's Box back for the USA. Although Collette did a great job, the character is extremely cliche and you can surely guess what happens with her character early on into the movie (go ahead take a guess and I'll confirm - I'll be surprised if you don't figure it out even before you see the movie).

A lot of the amazing extreme sports scenes which were cool but a good number of these stunts were not in response to getting Pandora's Box back but just randomly part of Cage's life outside of the Triple X program. It wasn't until the middle or middle end of the movie that these became part of the story.

It wasn't until around the middle of the movie that you started to see an action thriller rather than a comedy. So my reactions to it are mixed - both liked and disliked parts of it. Still pretty good as you can't go wrong with a Vin Diesel movie...see it at the theatre or wait for it on dvd or tv....up to you.
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