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Poldark - how do I love this show!!!

So I recently finished season 1 of Poldark.

The plot in short: British Army officer Ross Poldark returns home to Cornwall after fighting in the American Revolutionary War. He finds his fiancee Elizabeth, believing him to be dead, has married his cousin Francis. Ross attempts to pick up the pieces of his life, re-opening the family's failing mine believing it to contain stores of copper, and falling in love with the kitchen maid Demelza - his true soul mate and not caring if she is socially beneath him by society's standards!

I think it's the best British period drama I've ever seen. I loved it! The characters are interesting and diverse especially Poldark who, despite his flaws, has incontestable morals and honour. The romance isn't cloying but the perfect combination of modesty and passion. The setting - Cornwall - is beautiful and I LOVE the sea-side vistas, the cinematography is stunning - everything looks so pretty - and I'm not even watching it in HD as the channel airing it doesn't support that format but I can only imagine if it had. The music is just brilliant and I NEED to get the soundtrack somehow (if one exists that is). The novels (which I have not read) are written by a man (debatable?) Winston Graham and part of me wants to read them and part of me doesn't as I don't want to spoil the perfectness of the story unfolding before me just in case it's not the same (there's no guarantee with book to screen projects) plus I also loath anything more than a trilogy as the story/characters start to decline or become repetitious. There are 12 novels apparently!!! As for the characters. I love Ross, Demelza, Verity, and Dwight but dislike (obviously) George, and on the fence with both Francis and Elizabeth and they are neither likeable or dis-likeable but I wish that Francis would get a back bone!

I cried terribly when Ross and Demelza lost their me sentimental but I defy anyone not to do the same!

On now to season 2 which hasn't completely finished airing here (2 episodes in) and then hopefully at some point season 3 will air, sooner than later, as I'm not sure I can' too long thereafter!
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