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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Spent it clearing out the old year (2016 was a terrible year for me and I'm so happy it's gone!) and ensuring only positive vibes were around when the midnight hour struck and 2017 came rushing in. Earlier in the week I began to declutter too!

First I used selenite crystal to remove all the old stagnant energy at each doorway (outside too!) where energy can get stuck, then I incense the whole apartment room by room with Palo Santo to usher in positive new vibes. I also changed out all the old negative energy salt catchers and sage + nettle herb bowls. I also opened the windows and swept out 2016 then shut them and when the clock struck midnight opened them again and let in 2017 just to ensure positive vibes.

I plan on doing this each New Year's Eve as a small ritual to ensure positivity during the coming year!

Tags: crystals, decluttering, new_year's_eve, ritual
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