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Climate Change is very very real

Watched the National Geographic documentary Before The Flood on the topic of climate change this afternoon. Cried through most of it. I'm very sensitive about what is being done to Mother Earth. It's not as if we had some other planet to go to...reality check - I don't think the Moon or Mars is going to save us from extinction.

There is some hope for the future if we (as global citizens) are willing to make some very drastic changes to what we consume and how we consume it otherwise your grandchildren will not have a planet to live on. That's not fantasy but reality folks. Global warming is real. Imagine your worst nightmare for a apocalyptic/post apocalyptic world. Now triple that. Reality check - it's already happening. The polar ice caps are melting, so is the ice sheet on Greeland causing global sea levels to rise which is submerging many pacific islands, the coral reefs are dead and dying, flooding is happening along the coastlines and parts of Florida may end up permanently underwater, drought is worsening and resulting in water shortages and water wars in Mexico have started, this also causes food shortages as crops are affected, pollution to the point of requiring gas masks in places such as Bejing, as well as deforestation in many places; rain forest destruction in Brazil, Congo and Indonesia which provide plants for many of our medicines, our animals are already extinct or going extinct and maybe we'll see them in zoos but mostly we won't see them at all.

But it's not all doom and gloom....there is hope,,,if we stop using coal, oil and natural gas and we switch to solar and wind power for electricity instead. Stop consuming beef as the cattle industry is one of the biggest producers of methane gas which is a significant contributor to global warming. No more small steps. Big steps required.

This year the country of Sweden has committed to being the first country to stop using fossil fuels and commit to renewable energy sources. Can you image if all the countries on this planet did this how we could stop and even reverse in the coming years the damage we have done to our Mother Earth?

Are you willing to make the change? Is your country? Public outcry can change things for the better if you're willing to raise your voice. Will you raise your voice?

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s three-year journey exploring the subject of climate change, Before the Flood, free on all platforms the same day it premieres on the National Geographic Channel, for a limited time.
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