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Halloween Decorating....sort of

I live in a condo. Not a house. I love condo living...except at Halloween. There are rules to follow and that includes decorating etc that one must adhere to as to 'ensure the pleasant esthetics of the building'!

Trick or treating in the building is not allowed. Candy is donated by residents and the children go into the lobby to get it as well as the neighborhood children coming 'round. There used to be a Halloween party for the kids but since we've had problems with building management that has stopped.

So holiday decorating can be difficult on such things as the front door to one's unit. You can put a wreath up and that's about it. The guy down the hall has a 8 or 9 year old daughter and they decorate their door to the hilt on Halloween and get reprimanded every year but he's on the board (or was until this year). It's not as if the decorations are hurting anyone and they're only up for a week or two but still building management is particular about keeping the common areas in a uniform look. Meh.

This year I decided to at least put up a wreath. The photo is a lenticular print.

This is what it looked like.

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