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WTF and other incredible stories....

Tonight I'm making dinner. I put the salad on the table and went back into the kitchen to plate the meat. Came back and poured out the beverages to have with dinner. Suddenly the bowl with the salad explodes. Shatters completely. For. No. Reason. The bang was very loud. The bowl was just sitting on the table while I poured some kombucha into cups. I was shocked. After getting over the initial wtf just happened LC and I cleaned up (threw out everything - luckily I hadn't put out the meat out yet), vacuumed, and then I incensed the place to the hilt. Wasn't going to take any chances! Got out the white sage & the palo santo incenses & incensed the whole place, put 3 different kinds of salt (Himalayan, black/charcoal & sea) into a small jar and left it out along with one of crushed white sage & some rosemary. Also sprinkled black salt around the place which is protective. I know might be overkill but as we move near Halloween, the veil between this world and the next is thin...better safe than sorry. I've experience too much to leave things to chance!

We made another salad then ate dinner (some what cold). I'm still a wee bit shaken up. It's a miracle neither of us where hit in the face with glass or cut. I've never had a bowl explode without cause such as bumping or dropping or having a preexisting crack. I wish I'd taken a picture.

Last week one of my full length hanging mirrors dropped from the wall and broken on the bottom (sticking into the carpet no less) - again for no particular reason. I'm not superstitious about broken mirrors unless you intentionally break them. I didn't get hit by shards of glass then either. Someone is watching over us!

LC looked up the meaning of shattered glass and she said it could mean:

1) good luck as believed in many different cultures or bad luck as in some other cultures
2) the breaking glass is shattering negativity/stress in the home
3) someone may be trying to send you negativity/bad luck and the glass stopped it by absorbing it and shattering (not sure who would be doing that)
4) breaking glass breaks a curse

If anyone has any other theories I'd love to hear them!
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