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Gilmore Girls & Luke's Diner pop up shop

Lined up at 8am this morning for the free coffee from a Luke's Diner pop up shop. The lineups were long! After about an hour and forty minute wait I got free coffee. According to the website the participating coffee shops around North America were supposed to look like Luke's. No such luck. The servers were dressed in Luke's dinner aprons and caps with plaid shirts. Two signs - one in window that said Luke's and behind the counter & to the left - the famous hand drawn no cellphone sign but it seemed a half a$$ attempt but I guess we're should consider ourselves lucky as one the cities that got one right?

The free coffee came with an official Gilmore Girls/Luke's sleeve and the cup had a Lorelei quote on it from Series 1 Episode 2 "This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an I.V." The girl serving coffee said that this is the biggest promotion they've ever had and they didn't expect as many people as they were getting. I said do you know how popular the show is? She shook her head and handed me my coffee lol.

The coffee smelled and tasted delicious and had an almost nutty flavour....I generally don't drink coffee as I have an intolerance/allergy to caffeine plus it raised my blood pressure (can't have that). I prefer herbal tea for the most part. Once in a blue moon I have decaf coffee as a change. I wasn't going to say no to free coffee that came with Gilmore Girls paraphernalia! I didn't drink it all but wanted to it was that tasty and better than any I've ever had - the shop uses some kind of funky reverse osmosis to brew it in! Two thumbs up!

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