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Helped reunite a lost cat & its owner

Yesterday our concierge stopped my roommate and I on our way out grocery shopping to ask if we knew of anyone on our floor was missing an orange cat. The building cleaner had found a stray orange tabby wandering around lost and he'd seen the cat quite a few times over the past two weeks and the cat came right to him and seemed hungry. We didn't know of one on our floor but I mentioned that sometimes on George street there's a lot of postings for missing animals. I said we'd looked on the way to the Market. So we check and sure enough there was a picture I'd seen of a cat called Aries but the photo was black and white so we couldn't tell if the cat was orange or some other light colour. The cat was definitely not black in the photo. So I took down the phone number and upon our return from shopping gave the concierge the telephone number stating that if we could see the cat we could tell if it was the one in the picture. Once we'd see the cat (it was so sweet) it had the same white on the chest but we couldn't say for sure it was the cat in the photo. Our concierge called and left a voicemail message.

So today we saw the security guard again and he said that the person he called was indeed the owner of one cat named Aries, she had video on her phone plus the cat came right to her when called so they were confident that the cat was hers. We were so relieved!!! Apparently her kids don't pay attention to their house door and frequently let the cat out without knowing it. The funny thing is, the concierge said we were the only ones he asked about the missing cat, the lady walked in moments after he left the voicemail looking for the cat, and shortly before his shift was ending! Another eerie thing is that I hadn't mentioned the name of the cat to the concierge yesterday when I gave the phone number but he called the cat Aries which is the name listed on the missing cat posting). I got goosebumps when the concierge told us all of this. It was as if fate had intervened. I remember seeing the photo a week ago and asking the powers that be to make sure the cat found it's owner. Guess they made sure the concierge asked us specifically in this case! I hate when pets go missing and always say a silent prayer that lost animal and human are reunited!

A million thank yous to the guardians of lost animals for making it happen!!! :) :) :)
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