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Fan Expo 2016

Well a full week has past since Fan Expo 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Have to say, it was a great time, with wonderful panels and a little shopping to boot. Took a ton of pics as well at each panel. The lighting is horrible and some are not the best but at least I got pics! If you want me to posts some pics just let me know.

Thought I'd break the Con down day by day and give you some of my thoughts on the panels I saw.

THURS – Merchants/Vendors
The con was open from 2pm – 9pm. LC and I got there before 2pm and stayed until around 8pm or so going through all the vendor booths.

Canada Post had a booth along with the Canadian Mint where they were selling 50th Anniversary Star Trek merchandise. Bought two hologram stamps of the City on the Edge of Tomorrow, and a palm size mail box with the Enterprise on it (see pic) for a whopping $6 CAD. Plus got some Assassin’s creed merch in addition to other free stuff.

We only did the merchants + artist's alley in the south building. Saw Deanna in AA where she had her drawings for sale. Saved the North building for Sat AM. Mostly the same vendors as last year as well as the same artists too and none of their drawings are new! Next year we’re skipping the artists altogether to save time.

There are no panels scheduled for today.

FRIDAY – Panels 10am – 7pm

  • 11am Adam West & Burt Ward, original Batman & Robin on the 60s TV series – unfortunately I got up too late to make this panel

  • 1:30pm Alex Kingston, Riversong on Doctor Who – she cut up acting divas on set (Although she never mentioned names, we were trying to figure out who she was referring to). She also talked about professionalism in acting, being older on DW, how Mat and Karen sometimes came to set drunk which make the audience laugh. I didn't get the impression she was offended by that at all!

  • 3pm Jack Gleeson, Geoffrey on Game of Thrones – He came across intelligent, well spoken, and a very analytical young actor

  • 4pm Michelle Gomez, Missy on current Doctor Who – Seriously one of the best panels as it was hilarious! She said to excuse her language but the Scots use swear words like punctuation - which she pretty much did lol. She was very funny without being OTT.

  • 5:30pm Jewel Staite, on both Firefly & Stargate Atlantis – audience asked way too many firefly questions. I wanted Stargate stuff only one question asked where she mentioned kraft services table, the breakfast sandwiches which made her gain weight but she kept eating them anyway and asking the costume department to stop putting her wardrobe in the dryer and shrinking them, and how Jason Mamoa would eat two of them (imo he can afford it at his size & workout regime lol) every day!

  • 6:30pm William Shatner, Captain Kir on Star Trek + stage & screen credits – energy in the room seemed tired as everyone had a long day but not heavy or negative just tired but in good spirits. The panel started late. He did more of a one man stage show than a panel…there was no moderator. He told funny stories & told jokes about his youth days in Montreal and Toronto in 60s/70s. He actually hung out in my neighborhood so I knew exactly where he was talking about (not much has change in 40+ years lol). We got out of there at about 7:30pm. It was over in about 30 min even with some Q&A.

SATURDAYPanels 10am – 7pm
Early shopping on the North building – bought NOTHING! Same vendors again this year. We sped through it as it was incredibly busy as it's also the cross over bridge to the South Building. Stupid arrangement. We've suggested to them to put all the vendors/merchants into the South building but to no avail.


  • 2pm John Barrowman, Captain Jack on both Doctor Who & Torchwood – Oh was there weird energy with this crowd while waiting for the panel to start. It was a bit overwhelming at first but I'm sensitive that way! No moderator either. I felt like I was at a raunchy cabaret show! Very funny and way over the top! NC-17 rated and definitely not appropriate for children. We laughed so much! Someone asked a question pertaining to Captain Jack and when he might return to Doctor Who. John mentioned that Moffat (control freak that he is) is the reason Captain Jack is not on the current show and basically said Moffat was purposely blocking Captain Jack’s return and said he’s hoping that once Moffat leaves that maybe the new guy will have the Captain back. Here’s hoping! He said that we should email BBC (read inundate the BBC with emails) + (they have a policy that they MUST answer every email they receive) and let them know the fans want Captain Jack back!

  • 2:30pm Gillian Anderson, Scully on X-Files – Due to JB's panel, we only caught last 20 mins of this. When we arrived she was about to auction off a t-shirt she was wearing. After a bidding war, it went for 1200 CAD. During the bidding, everyone laughed at my comment that you get a tax receipt so keep bidding higher. Met Teddy from Innerspace afterwards, we spoke briefly about the auction and the Con in general.

  • 5:30pm Allan Tudyk, Firefly & Con Man – Such a funny guy but I didn’t know half the stuff he was talking about as I don’t follow him closely so I didn’t get a lot of what he was referring to :(. To anyone who asked a questions he autographed stuff he brought with him - for example his room key from the hotel in Atlanta at Dragon Con he attended the night before (which was happening at the same time as ours). He did a panel there in the afternoon then flew that same night to ours. Someone got an autographed zip line pamphlet that he and his wife went on, another person got his Dragon Con guest pass. There was one guy dressed as Jesus who was going to ask a question – he was to be the last question of the panel - but he gave up his spot to a girl behind him who was disappointed because when Nathan came a few years ago she had the same thing happen where the cut off was just before her. Everyone loved that "Jesus" gave up his spot and in the end they allowed him to ask his question after the girl (she said she can’t possibly follow in Jesus’ footsteps as her questions was silly but she asked it anyway). It was all too funny. Jesus also got something autographed although I couldn’t see what it was that Allan gave him. There’s a picture somewhere on the internet of Alan shaking hands with Jesus which is just hilarious!

  • 6pm (LC went to Feema Ageyman and I caught the last 10 mins of her panel after Alan’s). Not much to tell for 10 mins of panel!

SUNDAY panels 10am – 5pm. Close of Fan Expo 2016.

  • 12:30pm Screening of History’s Vikings documentary (to air this fall so no worries if you want to see it) Ragnar and Sons followed by Q+A with Clive Standen who plays Rollo on Vikings and will soon play the lead in the tv series Taken based on the movie of same name. The majority of the women attending were there to just Clive and not the documentary. You could tell by the comments there were only into his looks and his body. It was a bit sad really - seemed wrong imo. Even the press women were fangirling which I found deplorable as they're press and should have some professionalism.

  • 2pm Innerspace presented The Expanse cast with Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Shohreh Aghdashloo as well as Frankie Adams who will join the cast for season 2 – Such a diverse crowd, some had never seen the show before (which is based on the books) and had no idea season one has already aired last year. The cast was interesting and very intelligent especially Shohreh whose Iranian not East Indian as I thought. Steven Strait is very serious (which you can tell in his interviews) but it seemed to surprise a lot of people there.

  • 4pm Morena Baccarin, Inara Serra on Firefly, Leslie on Gotham, Gideon on The Flash – Really sweet. I forgot she was in the Red Tent and should have asked her if she’d read the book before taking the part but I didn't for some reason. I like to know those kinds of things.

There was a lot of sitting around aka lining up waiting to get into panels. At least only a few overlapped and still got to see a bit of the panel anyway. My only issue is that there was over kill on the Firefly Q+A. I loved Firefly but the same people go to each of the actor’s/show's panels and they ask the same questions. Fans keep hoping that the show will come back after 14 years. It ran for one season and was cancelled. It’s not coming back – even Nathan Fillion said it’s permanently gone and to let it go!!! Most of the actors are on other shows so they couldn’t or wouldn’t come back. It’s been again 14 years what could the characters possibly do on the show now? Clearly not the same things as those characters wouldn't be the same and neither are the actors now. Plus they killed off one of the main characters (Alan Tudyk aka Wash). The show went out on top so people need to just let it go! Also massive amount of Harley Quinn cosplay especially by little girls around 8-10 years old. I’m not sure HQ is the proper role model for kids to emulate...just sayin’.

Until next year....

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