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Fan Expo 2016 starts tomorrow…

Four days of panels, artists & just plain fun! Going to pick up my tickets tonight so we can skip the line tomorrow and walk in. The Con begins at 2pm. Shopping is up for the first day and I'm not planning on buying anything but am looking forward to seeing what is on display. Interested to see what freebies there are this year if any.

LC and I haven't even gotten around to finalizing the schedule yet. We just got Innerspace's itinerary yesterday (slow pokes) and will have to incorporate them if we can into which panels we are going to. This year there isn't a whole lot I have to see except John Barrowman (Torchwood/Doctor Who) and Clive Standen (Vikings/Taken). After that it's up in the air and who can fit into the schedule. Also this year is more laid back as not many panels overlap thank the gods!

So I'll have a lovely review of the convention sometime on Monday if I'm not exhausted too much (I'm thinking more of tired feet lol).
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