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Jason Bourne

Headed out this am for an 11am showing of Jason Bourne. Fantastic movie - crazy wild ride and absolutely more fun than Bond imo (not that Bond is bad by any stretch). I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing JB movies and Matt Damon is just amazing and even better at 40 something! Lots of amazing chase scenes which was to be expected.

My only issue is the death of a particular character (won't spoil it for you). It wasn't done well and I'm wondering why they bother to kill this character in the first place. It seems a shame they could have just let that character be and fade into the unknown. Not my decision though. Ok wait I have two issues - the second being that every CIA head seems to assume that JB is behind everything to do with Treadstone & the black ops programs even when there's no evidence and I know they do it for plot conflict but it's unwarranted for this particular storyline. Again I didn't write it.

Other than that...ya go see it because it's an amazing action film and if you like that you'll LOVE Jason Bourne - who doesn't?!?!?!
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