Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Suicide Squad exhibition in TO

If you didn't know already Suicide Squad filmed here last year and pretty much made a nuisance of themselves while here, shutting down major streets and causing a lot of commuter headaches for Torontonians. Then Batmobile made it's run down Yonge street. Suddenly the film shoot and TO denizens were fast friends and a lot of the private grumbling stopped lol. Not that we Canadians are too much of complainers....most of it's in private and along the lines of "Took me 20 extra mins to get to work 'cuz of the Suicide Squad's film shoot - streetcar was rerouted." Yes we're still polite even when complaining lol.

That being said as a thank you to the city the Suicide Squad production decided to have a two day exhibition of props and stuff from the movie. Luckily the exhibit is a stones throw from my condo. LC and I headed over to the Distillery District this afternoon to check it out.

Took lots of photos...
Tags: exhibits, movies
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