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Star Trek: Beyond....beyond fantastic!

So this morning LC and I headed over to Imagine cinemas to watch Star Trek: Beyond. It’s the first time in years I’ve contributed to an opening weekend box office intake if that says anything. Usually I get around to seeing a movie a week or two into its opening. BTW it was crowded for an 11am movie - 13 people in total including us. We ususally have the theatre to ourselves or occassionally share it with one or two other people for that time slot on Sundays. This time we were in the biggest screening theatre and there were lots of empty rows which made it feel so intimate still. I love our cinema - can you tell?


Bloody brilliant move!. I laughed (too many times), I cried for nostalgia sake, I was on the edge. of. my. seat! But I’d expect nothing less from director Justin Lin! Kudos to writer Simon Peg for a fantastic script too! The movie has a few moments where tears welled up - RIP Ambassador Spock LLAP and the photograph of the original USS Enterprise Crew to name a couple. Not sure why but ST makes me so much more nostalgic than other sci-fi franchises (except Stargate naturally). The new character Jaylah (Sophia Boutella) = awesome. I hope she becomes a permanent member of the crew! And Idris Elba = great as always but I didn’t even recognize him as Krall and only remembered he was in the film right before they revealed his character’s relationship to the USS Franklin then the light bulb went on lol. Love when I’m surprised like that! This is a franchise that go the reboots right and I can't wait to see what they come up with next time!!!

If you love Star Trek in any way shape or form go see it. You will not be disappointed in the least and then come back and tell me what you think.


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