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The Legend of Tarzan

Earlier this afternoon I went to see The Legend of Tarzan. Best movie I've seen all summer. Just loved it! I thought it captured the spirit of Tarzan perfectly and I think Edgar Rice Burroughs would have been very happy with this incarnation of Tarzan. It has surpassed other movies that have failed before.

Taking place 10 years after John Clayton's return to England, the movie is set partly in Victorian England and mostly in Africa. It's about love and family as well as dealing with the primal instinct within oneself. Tarzan is called home to Africa to investigate allegations of slavery of the Congolese people by the Monarchy of Belgum. The cinematography is stunning - aerial & ground village shots. Where the productions had cgi'd animals, I wasn't sure at times how much of the scenery within the scene was real or animated and is my only criticism. Many of the scenes featuring the African natives were lovely - tribal life filled with song and a strong sense of community & family mixed with a love and reverence for nature. The animal scenes, in particular the gorillas, portrayed realistic animal behaviour and social hierarchy. Some evoked such beautiful and touching scenes between man and animal while others were heartbreaking or even frightening in their realism of the animal kingdom!

Alexander Skarsgard does great job vacillating between the aristocratic British John Clayton and the primal man Tarzan. Margot Robbie is absolutely lovely as Jane. The romance and love between them on screen flowed perfectly. Samuel Jackson played George Washington Williams, a nice guy for a change which was great!

I'd love to see it again!
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