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The Stratford Festival & a new crystal store

Set out for the second trip to Stratford early Saturday morning. The weather called for a chance of rain...the weather people in Stratford need to understand that when you say a 30% chance of rain that it doesn't actually mean it will rain by Toronto standards. So didn't bring an umbrella. Umbrella was bought there as it was RAINING MOST OF THE DAY even if that rain was just light showers it was still RAINING!!!! Ok got that off the chest.

The trip was still fun. Lots of time to wander around, sit by the river, and chill as the play didn't start until 8pm and an 11pm bus back to Toronto. Found a lovely, cool New Age shop (didn't see that last week but we weren't walking around as much) so yay for crystals and witchy stuff.

The play was amazing. The costumes and sets OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! It was a magical adventure into the fantasy world of Narnia! The actors were just brilliant at bringing the animals and human characters to life. As a child, sadly, I never read the original Chronicles of Naria by C.S. Lewis but wish I had. Seeing through the eyes of an adult, sometimes I find my logic ruins the fantasy meant to be seen from a child's innocent viewpoint.

The night bus back was interesting in that at 11pm most of Stratford is deserted and dark but coming into Toronto at 1pm the city is bustling as if it's a Sunday afternoon. I did sleep most of the way home though! The ride was very smooth and soothing lol.

Go here to see photographs! Tell me what you think....

A couple of months ago I saw an ad in Vitality magazine for the grand opening of Happy Soul near where my Dad lives happening July 10, 2016. So lady__croft and I decided to check it out. Picked up a couple of new inexpensive crystals plus a free small rose quartz, a prosperity candle (need all the help I can get on the job front), and a fee t-shirt for being one of the early subscribers to their mailing list! Also saw one of the women who was in my crystal class who has the exact same Egyptian ring I do. She will be reading Tarot there soon which is great. So whenever I see my Dad I'll be popping in to take a quick look! Exciting. Now if only we could get one in my area since Origo closed a couple of years ago.

Over all I'm exhausted now. I must be getting old or something as I might need a nap LMAO!
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