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Finding Dory

This morning (yes that lovely 11am new movie start time at Imagine Cinemas \o/) lady__croft and I went to watch Finding Dory. Neither of us have children but I love many a kid movie over the years - besides Finding Nemo was hilarious.

The sequel wasn't quite as funny but still fun - it's a kids movie how can it not be? I loved some of the new characters and missed a few of the old. Hank, the cranky octopus (voiced by Ed O'Neill) & Bailey, a neurotic Beluga Whale (voiced by Ty Burrell) were great new additional characters as was Destiny, the nearsighted Whale Shark & two seals Fluke & Rudder (Idris Elba & Dominic West). They all added a lot of humour to an otherwise slow plot line - Dory suddenly remembering and then looking for her parents. I thought the movie could have been shorter about 75-80 min instead of the 90 mins but that's neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things. My only issue is that Dory spoke whale to Destiny through the pipes (it's not a spoiler) and that bothered me as whale sharks are not whales but a massive shark which is a fish not a mammal- she wouldn't have understood whale...just sayin'. How many kids (and parents too) will think it's a whale (shakes head at Disney). Some of the other 'escape' methods that don't make sense, I'll let slide as it's a kids movie!

Other than that the animation was stunning, the songs fun, and while watching it you felt like a kid again! Go enjoy it for what it...
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