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Warcraft + cinema venue change

The closest movie theatre to us is Market Square Cinema which is owned & operated by Rainbow Cinemas/Magic Lantern Theatres or WERE owned and operated by them or maybe still is. It seems they've undergone a changed of some sort and are now displaying the "Imagine Cinema" logo. Although strangely I can't find any info on it besides a Mareket Square Cinema tweet that says "Anyone notice our logo switch? Rainbow Cinemas is now OFFICIALLY part of the Imagine Cinemas group of theatres". But is that under Rainbow? Under Magic Lantern? Separate? The webpages are even more confusing - while the Imagine Theatre website lists nothing, the Rainbow cinema website it lists their theatres countrywide with some under Rainbow, some under Magic Lantern and now some under Imagine. Actually all of the downtown former Rainbow cinemas are all Imagine now. The Market Square Facebook page says they re "Imagine Cinemas Market Square". Someone needs to update social media and websites there kids with some consistency...just sayin!

Also they listed a change in movie times adding 11am showings this past weekend. That being said....lady__croft and I took advantage of our favourite 11am movie time to see Warcraft based on the Blizzard Entertainment's video game. (BTW I've never played this game.)

I like the movie! The plotline was fairly simple to follow: Orcs from a dying realm invade via a magic portal a new world - Kingdom of Azeroth. The orcs bring dark magic to the Azeroth and start a war to conquer the humans, elves, dwarfs, wizards etc (think Lord of the Rings) who live there!

Warcraft does its best to appeal to two audiences. One the die hard gamer and the other who enjoys fantasy but is not a Warcraft gamer. It falls short in the latter category despite trying its best at the monumental feat. I think this movie would mostly appeal to the gamers although I might be wrong there as I don't know how accurate it is to the game. As someone who has never played Warcraft I was left wondering about the mythology & lore, wanting to know more about the characters back stories, and trying to understand the relationships between the characters & who they were, where no backstory was given. Also I would have liked less CGI and a bit more live action for this one!

There seemed to be a disconnect between the two factions - Orcs & Humans - I was expecting them to come together to fight the evil on both sides and they never quite got there in the end as many characters died along the way.

Travis Fimmel (anyone remember the tv series Tarzan? Filmed in my neighboughood thank you very much & he bumped into me once outside my building) was great in the role of warrior Anduin Lothar, a brave knight who fought valiantly in the war at Blackrock Mountain where they were trying to close the Dark Portal. It bothered me that he thinks he was betrayed by Garona, a halfling orc & former prisoner of war, who became a trusted ally to the humans. Lothar will always believe she purposely killed King Llane Wrynn, when in actuality it was the King who told her to kill him in order try to bring about peace for all.

I was expecting Durotans, Orc Chieftain, Frostwolf Clan to come together with Lothar to fight the evil life sucking Warlock Orc Gul'dan and the Guardian Medivh but he never did and died prematurely imho at the at Blackrock. He had integrity and honour and I see why people like his character so much. In fact I kept wondering why the heck all these orcs followed Gul'dan when he clearly was the cause of the destruction of their land. I didn't think the orcs were stupid but to blindly follow this guy made me wonder what the 'writers' of the story were thinking and why only Durotans could see the truth (although his convincing of XX came too late.

I really liked the young Apprentice Wizard Khadgar tried to set things right and counter act the more powerful Midivh (it was fairly easy to figure out he betrayed his own kind for power). He manages to close the portal but not before many orcs get through. I wanted to know more lore and mythology here as well as why he left training as a wizard. Clearly he was more powerful than the current Guardian even if the counsel did not think so.

Lastly I'm not sure why Draka, Wife to Durotans would come through a magical portal to an unknown land. When she put the baby in a reed boat & sent him down the river to save his life all I kept thinking was MOSES!

I also found a lot of parallelism both in story and characterization between Lothar and Durotans ie both betrayed by a good friend (one real the other implied), both have sons (despite one surviving the other doesn't), great warriors, respected by their peoples etc

Still it's a fun fantasy movie and despite some of the glaringly obvious stuff it was interesting to watch unfold on screen. Would I play the game? Probably not...I've only ever played on computer game (Quake) my entire life when I was younger. Not sure I'd be any good at these newer more complicated ones although it might be fun to try but I'm not about to go and spend that kind of $$$ for all the gaming stuff you need just to get started and oddly I don't know anyone who does play.

(That being said....I don't play Assassin's Creed either but I'm definitely looking forward to going to see the movie whenit comes out lol)
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