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Change the door lock

Our front door lock has been difficult to lock for a while where we'd have to keep turning and turning so many times before it would unlock form the inside. It finally was on it's last legs that I wasn't sure I'd be able to get out. After a visit to building management to get the name of the building locksmith, some phone calls and an email later the locksmith came to change it last week. He said he's be back this week to re configure the tumblers and give us permanent keys. . I'm ok with that. Pete the locksmith showed up today to finalize everything and we now have a brand new front door lock. The keys are really thick, semi-restricted, and can't be copied by any keycutter but has to go through the locksmith's company. I'm ok with that. Plus we are now on the condo building new master key list (or so I'm told. I'll have to go check with them a bit later) while half the building are still on the old system. Apparently due to the age of the building more and more front door locks are having issues...eventually things breakdown. I'm just happy we were able to have it fixed before we might have been locked inside lol. Can you imagine?
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