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Power outage in the 'hood!

At about 6:19pm yesterday while I was in the middle of watching a youtube video the power went out in our neighborhood (not the whole city). Apparently there was damage to some underground hydro cables. It took the hydro crews all night to restore the power. Luckily we didn't have much in the fridge or freezer to throw out. (After the last black out a couple of summers ago decided not to keep too much in the fridge/freezer as at that time we'd spent about $300 on groceries only to throw out some of it due to spoilage). I turned on the small am/fm radio I have from back in the day and tuned into this radio show I haven't listened to in a few years called "Coast to Coast" which is a late night talk show about conspiracy theories, ghosts, paranormal, new age stuff. The show that night was about remote viewing and then they had the call in portion which is always hilarious because sometimes you get the crack pots and sometimes you get sweet old ladies who are certain they're psychic! The power returned somewhere between 4am - 5am.

Funny thing is I was mentioning to dieastra in a comment on her LJ about the previous black out and we had a mini one!

We've decided to get a few emergency things for the apt in case of another black out. A battery powered camplight so we can use it instead of candles, a cooler bag so we can put some of the fridge items in it to keep cold as our fridge isn very old and doesn't keep things very cold - this will save throwing a lot of food out. And also a fridge thermometer so we can track how cold/warm the fridge/freezer is during the blackout and know what is ok and isn't rather than throwing everything out because we're not sure if it it stayed cold enough.
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