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Frankestein - the ballet

Another wonderful arts excursion yesterday to the cinema to watch the live simulcast from the Royal Opera House in London, UK of the ballet "Frankenstein". The choreographer & Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett (who is only 30) did such a fantastic job of bringing Mary Shelley's book to life on the stage which has never been done before and the score was completely new too! It was spectacular and beautiful - from the sets to the props and costumes to the music and choreography itself! Breathtaking is the only way I can describe it. Many years ago I saw Dracula at the ballet live on my birthday with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and although Frankenstein was in a cinema it still felt as if I was actually in London at the ROH.

All Royal Ballet Principals Federico Bonelli (Frankenstein), Steven McRae (the Creature) and Laura Morena (Elizabeth) are lovely dancers although some of the chorus dancers were just as good if not better but this and a few things I didn't like were inconsequential to the overall performance.

So if you have a spare 3 hours with 2 intermissions and there is an encore performance of this, I highly encourage anyone who loves Gothic storytelling and ballet to go watch it!
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