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Finally lady__croft and I have finished culling books from our personal library. Getting rid of about 20 file boxes of books. I'd love to pull more from my shelves for the sake of space but I really want to keep the ones that are left. So for now they will stay although I dread the number of boxes there will be when we one day move. The subject matter ranges from Ancient Egypt to new age, photography, languages, wellness, religion, business, classics, writing, not to mention hundreds of adult and YA fiction novels!

An old friend of mine will come to pick up the boxes to donate to the hospital near her where they have an annual book sale and the $$ raised goes to the hospital in charity. Which is great because trying to find a place to donate the books in Toronto is difficult. No one wants books it seems and everyone wonders why we're raising a nation of idiots! At least now they're going someplace that will benefit.

When I see the amount of books I've purchased over the years whether it be at full price or at a discount I'm shocked at the amount of money I've spent. Easily in the thousands if not double digit thousands. It's staggering. I laugh because I think I have a book fetish or rather I'm just a book hoarding bibliophile. Either way...they must go. It is not good to hold on to 'things'.

I think this is part of a process I've started to let go of the old. To start again after what happened at the beginning of this year. I will rise out of the ashes like the phoenix or like Khalessi did on Game of Thrones - out of the fire - transformed, renewed...starting with the books.
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