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Rather late movie list

Although this should have been posted earlier in the year (I'm slow sometimes), the movies I'm looking forward to for 2016 are listed below. Some have already been released. Not sure if I'll get to see all of them on the big screen but here's hoping. Actually I've missed a few already.

The 5th Wave (January) - missed it and I haven't read the book     EDIT: ordered it on Rogers in June
Triple 9 (February) - missed it too, but it looked kinda cool and Norman Reedus is in it!
Gods of Egypt (February) - missed this one, but I cringe at the thought of 'white' Egyptians (what the blank was the studio thinking?) so I'm not that upset, will catch it on DVD     
EDIT: Ordered it on Rogers in June
Allegiant (March) - going to see it this soon - saw it and it was pretty good, in line with the 2 previous ones
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March) - I'd only go see it for the millisecond of Aquaman's appearance to be honest - didn't see it
Jungle Book (April) - this looks really cool - didn't get to see it sadly
The Huntsman: Winter's War (April) - Chris Hemsworth's in it so enough said & Emily Blunt. I liked the original Snow White and the Huntsman despite Kristen Stewart - saw it and loved it!.
X-Men: Apocalypse (May) - I have very mixed feelings about this one, mostly because poor James McAvoy looses his lovely 70s hair which is a tragedy in and above itself...just sayin' LOL - saw it and liked it so much better than the last movie due to simpler plot
Warcraft (May) - Travis Fimmel again enough said. Really looking forward to this one. Can I say Travis Fimmel again? - really liked it but some parts were lost as I don't play the game
Finding Dory (May) - if it's anyting like Finding Nemo it will be enjoyable! - liked it but FN was much better. Loved the new characters!
Tarzan (July) - Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan - I'm good for that!!!
Jason Bourne (July) - I maintain that this is Matt Damon's best roll even above The Martian!
Ghostbusters (July) - not sure I'll get around to seeing this as the originals were ok...still Chris Hemsworth's role would be worth the 2 mins or so that he's on!
Star Trek: Beyond (July) - Can't wait for this one...
Fantastic Beasts (November) - More Harry Potter yay
Assassin's Creed (December) - I'm not a huge Michael Fassbender fan (calm down kids) but I have to say I'm actually looking forward to him in this role (lady__croft just keeled over)

Did I miss any? Will edit if I have.

Shout out goes to:
Aquaman (2018)
Indiana Jones (2019)

Should post about TV shows shortly as I'm catching up on a whole bunch of shows lately...stay tuned.
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