Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Captain Charles Vane, Pirate

This post contains spoilers for Black Sails stop reading if you don't want to know!!!

I'm not happy with Black Sails right now. The writers killed my favourite character off tonight. Vane was hanged.

I know why the writers did it...there'd be no revolution on the Island of Nassau if they hadn't but I don't have to like it. The real pirate Charles Vane didn't have a long history but still...Black Sails won't be the same without Captain Vane....just sayin'.

Zach McGowan did a fantastic job of bringing Vane to life on the screen. Might have to catch up on The 100 now in it's third season (I stopped watching after the first season) as I hear he plays some character named Roan. Maybe....

RIP Captain Charles Vane - None can follow in you footsteps. I will miss you. May your death be avenged! <3

Tags: tv
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