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Crystal layout design ripped off...

I get an email from The Rock Store advertising their crystal Ocean Grid for the throat chakra which runs from March 9 - 21, 2016. The grid design looks awfully familiar. There's a reason. It's based on the design I did for the water element last year when I took the Rock Store's Crystal Awakenings course in 2015 which we had to submit to them for evaluation!!! The Rock Store's March 2016 grid is enhanced but there's no denying the underlying layout is my design. They never asked me if they could use the layout as a base for their own which one would think would be common courtesy. I would have said yes. Now I'm just pissed. from The Rock Store (see smaller pic on bottom)

... My Grid - note wave design, seashells, nautilus & crystals patterns

...Rock Store's Ocean Grid - duplicating a lot of my pattern and then embellishing with extra crystals & lights plus the even added two ammolite nautilus in the corners to emulate the same pattern I created wtih carnelian!

I wonder how many other people has the Rock Store ripped off but it's gone unnoticed?

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