Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Lovely impromptu visit by a friend this afternoon. I was still in my pajamas when Esmeralda called. Mad scramble to get ready in 10 mins and then we just hung out at a cafe and talked. Felt like old times after all that's happened in February. She filled me in on what's going on. After 10 years of giving it your all, you're cast off without so much as a word and it's only then you realize you're finally free because you're holding the winning end of the stick and are not the one that's worst off. Nice to have supportive friends in these situations. Change is good but sometimes when it's all at once you feel stressed out, alienated and anti-social. Drank too much hot chocolate and it'll probably keep me up half the night (stupid caffeine allergy) lol.

In time things will begin to feel normal again.
Tags: friends
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