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Les Liaison Dangereuse - National Theatre Live

If I lived in the UK in London I'd be broke on theatre tickets. I'm not kidding. lady__croft and I went to watch Les Liaison Dangeruse at the cinema as part of Natioanl Theatre Live's world wide simulcast. I wish we could get more plays this way. This play is all about seduction and betrayl but mostly seduction! The Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont are lovers who play a dangerous game involving more than just themselves. Their two latest victims are the innocent Cecile de Volanges and the pious Madame de Tourvel. Merteuil wagers Valmont cannot get Tourvel to fall in love with him as well seduce Cecile just before her wedding night to an older gentlman. Valmont cannot resiste the challenge. They engage the unwitting help of the clueless Chevalier in the process and play with everyone's reputations and hearts.

The cast: Janet McTeer as the Marguise de Merteuil was absolutely fabulous and flawless in the role, Dominic West as Valmont also great but he could have used just a bit more charming sexiness and a little less languidity, Elaine Cassidy - Madame de Tourvel - just a bit over the top for my tastes but then again I have never liked anyone's version of this particular character. Morfydd Clark did a nice job of playing 15 year old teenager Cecile, and I had no complaints about Edward Holcroft's young Chevalier except maybe he should have been prettier but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and has nothing to do with one's acting abilities right?

I reallly like this play but could never live in this time period. It's fascinating what the aristocracy got away with, their decadence and their perversions make me cringe on the one had but also I can't tear my eyes away. Since watching the French TV series Versailles and reading the book The Red Necklace, I have found a new interest in Louis the XIV - Louis the XVI periods of French history. (Interesting but little known fact is that Dominic West who plays Valmont bought the movie options to the Red Necklace from Sally Gardner - she mentioned this on her website a year or two ago at least).

It's a good play so see it live if you can or on the big screen if you can't make it to London, UK. If you're shy about sexuality then I'd avoid it altogether...just sayin'
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