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Into the Woods - Hart House production

You've probably seen the movie Into the Woods staring James Cordon, Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep. The play is a wee bit different. The play production is a lot different. Hart House has outdone themselves again with a fantastic version. First lady__croft and I went to the 1pm pre-show talk! Fun. Jeremy Hutton, the play's director was one of the guest. He hasn't seen the movie and that fact may have contributed to the unique vision of the production today. Hutton's choice to recreate the stage as a giant black forest cuckoo clock was sheer genius. The fairy tale characters were giant moving figurines within the clock as the scenes within the play changed. Completely whimsical and so much fun!

The singing once again was superb. All actors had great vocal range. Particular favourite was
Saphire Demitro as the Witch (if you saw JCSS she played Herod) - enough said! Sarite Harris' Little Red Riding Hood was over the top and perfect for the play! Kudos go out to Maksym Shkvorets as Milky White because it's never easy playing a cow on stage - costume not withstanding. Both James King, Baker and Amy Swift, Baker’s Wife did a wonderful job. Hugh Ritchie, Cinderella’s Prince & Chiano Panth, Rapunzel’s Prince were appropriately campy making for hilarity all around. Just a stellar cast! Hart House hits another one out of the park. The Wolf's sexual connotations were taken down quite a bit for this staging and I can only assume because the potential for children to see it is high while on film it can be taken to the level Charles Perrault intended in his original dark 'moral' tale.

Go see it, trust me you'll thank me later!
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