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Gaslight - Mirvish Productions

Imagine you were newly married and you husband was trying to make you think you were going crazy by planing false information to the point where you no longer know what's real and what isn't. Welcome to Gaslight - a Victorian psychological thriller! In this play 'gaslight' is used both literally and figuratively. It's 1880 in London and Bella Manningham has noticed strange things going on in her home. Lights eerily dimming each night, strange footsteps in the abandoned part of the house, objects missing. Is it all in Bella's head as her husband Jack suggests? Is she imagining his unexplained disappearances every night from 8-10pm? Jack conjures it up to her lapses in memory which, as he points out, her mother had too. Not until the arrival of retired Detective Rough does Bella finally believe there are more to everything than she ever expected. What is really going on? And what is Jack hiding? Go see the play to find out!!!

Flora Montgomery does a fantastic job portraying Bella Manningham to the point where the audience isn't sure themselves if she's loosing it or not (although I saw right through the character of Jack from the beginning!). Owen' Teal's Jack Manningham is the right combination of evil and mad making you hate him almost instantly! While Ian McElhinney's Inspector Rough has me wanting to run onto the stage and hug him for coming to Bella's rescue. He's both charming and funny. This is a play I've always wanted to see since I was a teenager and finally all these years I got the chance. You should too!

Gaslight runs from January 17 - February 28, 2016 at the Ed Mirvish Theatre (formerly The Canon)
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