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The Shannara Chronicles

Just started watching SC and it's FANTASTIC so far. Really love the characters especially Wil Ohmsford and Austin Butler (formerly from Sebastian Kydd of the Carrie Diaries) does a great job portraying the semi naive half elf. The storylines are compelling 2 episodes in. I'm waiting to see how it plays out but I'm optimistic I won't be let down. I do find Eritrea (Ivana Baquero) a bit annoying and even cliche at times but she is there to add conflict to the 'romance' between Will and Amberle (Poppy Drayton). I'm waiting to see if Amberle turns into the kickass leader she's herald to be. I'm a bit skeptical but I've been wrong before. Now for Manu Bennett's character Allanon - the Last Druid - he's very intriguing. Can't wait to see what becomes of him although I suspect he'll probably sacrifice himself at some point. As for Emberle's uncles Ander Elessedil (Aaron Jakubenko) and Arion Elessedil (Daniel MacPherson) my money's on Ander as a better leader but Arion has his sights set on becoming King eventually. Nice to see John Rhys-Davies back in fantasy as King Eventine Elessedil. And Jed Brophy is down right creepy as The Dagda Mor - the demon set on taking the Four Lands from Elven rule!

Great fantasy series I haven't seen on tv in a long time!
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