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Versailles - tv series

Recently binge watched a new series called Versailles which is set in the court of Louis XIV when he was building his palace there. Loved it...and it's not even my favourite historical period. The cinematography is beautiful from the gardens to the palace interiors to the actors. The wigs are fabulous and I often wonder if they're made of real hair. Sometimes it's like watching a series where Anne Rice's vampires showed up at French court it's so pretty!

George Blagden does an admirable job as Louis XIV and perfect in the role.

Have to say my fav TV couple/characters are: Monsieur Philippe d'Orléans & Chevalier de Lorraine played by actors Alexander Vlahos and Evan Williams. They both have amazing onscreen chemistry. Often I feel sorry for Philippe though especially since as the 'King's brother' he has a lot of stress to endure at court. I don't think I could ever live in this place/time period....I'd hate court life and everything about it despite its opulence.

My other favourite characters are Claudine played by Lizzie Brocheré (Coco on The Strain) who's Louis personal physician at court and much more intelligent than the average woman of the time! Also liked the one armed gardener Jacques (Gilly Gilchrist) whose philosophical and sage advice the Sun King takes to heart. And Henriette (Noémie Schmidt) is lovely and sweet. Her death scene tugged on the heart strings and was particularly tragic. I wished they hadn't killed her character so soon but history must be adhered to.

One of my favourite scenes is one where Louis is speaking to his brother Phillipe and I'll have to paraphrase here as I don't remember the exact quote but it goes something like this and basically summs up french culture as we know it today: what we do here paves the way for the future and all will look to France for fashion, architecture, art, etiquette and so on.

Can't wait for next season! Get ready for danger, intrigue, espionage, parties, food, sex (lots of it), affairs, lies, deceit, decadence etc. Good times kids....
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