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Star War VII - The Force Awakens

I know everyone feels this is the greatest movie to come out since the prequels but honestly it's not that big a deal. Sure it good and more of a reboot of the original not a continuation imho - there too many similarities and even actual scenes taken from the original Star Wars. Sorry JJ Abrahams you did better with the Star Trek franchise...just sayin'.

It was a fun sci-fi action film with beautiful planet scenes and cool battle scenes. In that, Star Wars films will always deliver. Wished there was more Jedi in it but maybe in the next films due out in subsequent years.

Loved new character Poe Dameron and want to know his backstory. Rey has promise depending on what they do with her character - is she Han Solo & Leia's daughter and therefore Kylo Ren's sister? Or is she Luke Skywalker's daughter and if so who's her mother? Could she be Ben Kenobi's granddaughter? There are all kinds of ways this could go. Still she's interesting character. Han Solo was the same as ever and always enjoyable plus he and Leia were sweet together. Reference to the 'garbage shoot' was funny! Chewy = cool period! BB8 was adorable although I do have issues where robot characters are treated as pets.

So so characters that I didn't care about one way or the other about: Finn, Captain Phasma, Supreme Leader Snoke. Finn was the comic relief but I didn't find him that funny. Phasma didn't take off her mask so you didn't even get to see Gwendoline Christie and I'm assuming she'll play a bigger part in the films to come assuming that is she gets out of the trash compactor. I kept wondering why Snoke hid behind a projection and why it had to be so large...guess that will come out too maybe (what if he's only 3 feet tall wouldn't that be hilarious?). Kylo Ren - he was intimidating until he took of the mask and then he was this emo kid who I don't buy as any kind of badass villain. I think JJ Abrams made a bad decision to remove Kylo's mask so early in the new films. And he was supposed to be Han/Leia's son - didn't look a thing like them....that bothered me for some reason. Epic fail on the villain here imho.

On the fence about new character Maz Kanata. Want to know her backstory before I decide. She kept reminding me of Linda Hunt who plays Hetty Lange on NCIS: Los Angeles and I totally forgot the character is voiced by Lupita Nyong'o.

Issues with the plot and other things:

Rey - never trained in the force yet she could wield it without much effort (Even Luke has to practice). I understand if she's some kind of prodigy then I would buy her being able to keep Kylo Ren out of her head and manipulating her but having her able to use the force to get out of her prison cell...not so much. Also where in the blank would she have learned Wookie? Yet she understood it fully (mind you this may be a clue as to her backstory but it could have been handled better).

Han Solo's death - you're telling me that the greatest smuggler in the galaxy would be bamboozled by his son whom he knows is a master dark Jedi and he just walks into the trap? Not buying it one minute and Han deserved a better death scene than that. Boo. Also don't get me started on the Millenium Falcon. No way in any galaxy or universe would Han have ever lost it - he'd always get it back if someone tried to steal it. One more thing Han has never before tried Chewbacca's bowcaster yet they spent almost their entire lives together. Srlsy I'm supposed to believe that?

Finn who has been trained as a stormtrooper by the First Order all his life (stolen as a child to be a soldier yet he ends up a janitor?) suddenly gets a conscience during a battle, freaks out, then goes rogue stormtrooper. WTF? You've got to be kidding with this. And if he's just a janitor what the heck is he doing going into battle anyway? Makes no sense either way.

What's the point of the weapon/Star Killer Base that drains the sun? Why fire it at all? If the sun is drained the planets die therefore the inhabitants won't survive. I think this was the producers/directors/writers idea of trying to come up with some kind of amazing cool weapon and failing miserably. Also how can it drain the sun more than once yet it's done in the film. Guess the writers skipped their science lessons.

Kylo Ren - taught by Luke the greatest Jedi who ever lived and who killed all the students in his class and throughout the galaxy and better than Darth Vader is manipulated with the Force by an untrained Rey. Even the forest fight scene on the planet seemed weak...again what kind of villain is this? He doesn't even use the Force against Finn in the lightsaber duel. Also where are these Knights of Ren? Didn't see any of them. Please JJ don't insult my intelligence here - not buying it either!!!

Luke abandoning the resistance when Kylo supposedly kills all his students so the resistance in turn can be slaughtered by the First Order?

Similar scenes for SW- TFA & SW:

a) Rey alone on a desert planet = Luke on the desert planet Tatooine and they both had some type of landspeeders and robots too!
b) Han Solo & Kylo Ren on the catwalk of the ship = Ben Kenobi & Darth Vader on the catwalk of the Death Star
c) Maz's bar = Cantina bar on Tatooine where Kenobi & Luke go....right down to the band!
d) Rey climbing down the side of the shaft in the ship = Luke climbs the shaft of the Death Star
e) the attack on the First Order ship = the attack on the Death Star by the Rebel Alliance
f) Snoke appears as a hologram = the Emperor appears as a hologram
g) Rey watches Han Solo die = Luke watches Obi-Wan die

Still after all that the movie was fun and enjoyable and I do recommend it as those who haven't seen the original Star Wars as you will really like it and those who have will be taken down memory lane once more and have fun cutting up the inconsistencies lol!
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