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Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano visit

Decided before Christmas that today would be a good day to go see the Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano exhibit at the ROM. I've actually been to the real Pompeii nestled near the Bay of Naples in Italy which is amazingly cool (as well as Herculaneum its sister city which is better preserved btw) and highly recommend going to the real place if you can.

The exhibit items is only a fraction of what was excavated. Props goes to the ROM for trying to make it interactive for both kids and adults but I think more could have been done. I was mostly interested in the woman who told you about the everyday artifacts but she only had 4 items and I wish there were more 'info' sections throughout the exhibit. You could also dress as an ancient Roman and take a photograph or visit the macellum (market place), a thermopolium (bar serving cold/hot drinks) or cauponae (small restaurants) and the handle the plastic replicas but that wasn't to my taste as much. Give me information on everyday lives and objects please.

There as a small homage to Pompeii's gladiator heritage in a glass case but that was it. Mostly Pompeii was a 'vacation' town where wealthy ancient Romans had villas. If memory serves me I think archaeologists even found a hotel nearby while excavating (have to look that up for confirmation).

The plaster cast molds taken from the imprints of those long dead and buried under 20 ft of volcanic ash and pumice from pyroclastic surge from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD were as disturbing this time round as when I first saw them in 2004. Kept thinking those were people who must have been terrified at what was happening to them, chocking as their lungs burned inside from super heated air.

Almost missed the Sex in the City section which made me laugh because if you saw the real one there wasn't much 'sex at the ROM' lol. When I studied Roman Archaeology in Rome, 2004 on my visit to Pompeii we found the 'bordello' area which was pretty impressive. It also included a visit to the Naples Museum which has a massive display of 'naughty' frescoes and art taken from buried city which was apparently in contradiction to the Vatican wishes for it to be censored.

Personally my fav part of an exhibit is most often the jewelry - not the gold pieces although they are very intricate and beautiful but the semi-precious stones - carnelian, rose quartz etc. A good few hours of time exploring not only the exhibit but the museum as well. Had to pay a visit to Dionysus on the 3rd floor and of course visit Egypt as's been a while but nothing's has changed there.

At the Pompeii exhibit store I banged forehead on glass shelf in the Pompeii store (#2). I have a huge bump that hurts like heck! I did buy a t-shirt that says "Archaeology - can you dig it". Roll your eyes if you must but I like it.

Go see the exhibit and pretend you're an ancient Roman vacation in the shadow of a volcano...exhibit worth seeing it trust me!
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