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It's alive!!!

After work went shopping, had dinner then caught the Victor Frankenstein movie. Absolutely loved this film. It's a new, different, and interesting retelling of the Mary Shelley version. James McAvoy got to be the best actor of his age. He brought that fine line between sanity, madness and brilliance of Frankenstein to new heights. Daniel Radcliffe's Igor went beyond good to fantastic. I didn't expect 'harry potter' to be that good. Let's say I was pleasantly surprised. This story is dripping in themes such as brotherhood, loyalty, guilt, atonement, death, redemption, and love. It also brings a new meaning to what it truly means to create "life" in a philosophical sense not in the literal sense as you would assume! This is the one movie you must see this year! I wish it had been at TIFF - I would have love to discuss the story & themes at a Q&A session.
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