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The name's Bond, James Bond....

This evening headed over to the TSO tribute to the music of James Bond with feature vocalist Capathia Jenkins who rivaled any of those who sang the original songs! Ron Bohmer, vocalist and conductor John Morris Russell were also there to add to the ambiance. The night was filled with songs and film scores from Goldfinger, Thunderball, Live and Let Die, Nobody Does it Better, Skyfall and even with special permission Spectre! All you need is a martini shaken and not stirred and the right company and well you never know what can happen to a Bond girl!

Naturally there isn't time to sing every song but I was very disappointed Duran Duran's A View to a Kill wasn't amoung the songs selected. Loved both For Your Eyes Only (Sheena Easton) and Nobody Does It Better (Carly Simon). Have to give props to Ron Bohmer's singing for The Writing's On the Wall (Sam Smith) as it's hard song to sing but he did that one better than the rest!

Now I need a CD of James Bond songs and score music stat!
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