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Headed to the theatre yesterday along with the multiple masses to see the intrepid new James Bond flick Spectre. It's everything you expected. Lots of great action sequences, explosions, chases, fights and beautiful cinematography. The scenes in Mexico with la dia de los muertos were some of the best I've seen for 007. I really loved the costumes Bond and one of the girls is wearing. Loved Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann whom you might remember from Midnight in Paris . She brought something special and non cliche to the 'bond girl' role. There wasn't enough of Monica Bellucci's character and I kept thinking we'd find out at the end if her character was safe or not but we never did so a bit disappointing there! Ben Whishaw is adorable as Q and I hope they keep him around for a long time and Ralph Fiennes as M is a good M but I really miss Judi Dench in all honesty. Even spotted Rory Kinnear (the Monster from Penny Dreadful TV series) as Tanner. My only problem with the movie was the villain Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. Not that Christoph wasn't great - he was but we've seen him do this before - the whole character seemed flimsy and weak. My thought while watching is that this villain is an idiot. C his henchmen in crime was unworthy. Have to mention Andrew Scott did remind me a whole lot of Tom Riley and I kept thinking why didn't they just get Tom for the might have been a bit better if that can be said of a weak written character as the actor might have brought something more to the role.

Still despite my criticisms I enjoy it very much but thought it could be less than the 2.5 hours it is. Also long discussion ensued afterwards about the direction the 007 franchise should go if Daniel Craig does not reprise the role of Bond.
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