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TIFF 2015

Yesterday I missed the Walking Dead Panel at Fan Expo to say home and try to order tickets to TIFF. I was number 944 online....the wait was an hour before getting into the ordering site...pretty good considering half the world were ordering at the same time as it was the first day tix went on sale to the public at 9am (and that's not including the actual people who lined up at the the TIFF Box Office - yikkes!). Despit clicking on the "buy tickets" right at 9am some stuff was already off sale! At least I got tickets to all the movies even if some weren't the showings I wanted -  two movies were for alternative showings. Had my heart set on the opening night for High-Rise but no luck, those tickets went quickly. I keep thinking if I'd been a second or two earlier to click at 9pm would I have been highter up in waiting queue and therefore able to get them? I say this becauuse it still showed as being available but when you clicked on select tickets it went to an off sale page. My diappointent is only due to the Q+A at the showing I wanted (there isn't one at the one I got tix for) and since the movie's based on a novel I read back in high school I would like to hear what the director and actors had to say about it. Oh least I got tickets which is great!

So I'm going to see High-Rise, Kill Your Friends and Sky.

Also considered both Equals and The Witch but in trying to conserve $$ decided to go with them as alternatives in case tickets for the other three above were sold out aka Off Sale (they'll both be out in theatres in the not too distant future anyway). Decided against The Martian only becauuse a) it's going to show in theatre's at the end of the month and b) it's a Gala Showing which means the tickets cost $48. I'll wait until it comes out in regular theatres at that price. It should be good becaue I hear the novel is amazing and the trailer screams the same for Matt Damon's performance as the lead!

Since I"m on vacation for the duration of TIFF, I may still decide last minute to see one of the movies I didn't chose or something else...who knows. Last year I got free tickets to Rush while waiting what is called the 'rush' line (yes I was rushing Rush lol) to get tickets 10 mins before the movie started so anyting can happen....

(more to come on Fan Expo experience this year....stay tuned)
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