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Consulting Sherlock Holmes & hanging with the cast of The Big Bang Theory at the Ex

Last Saturday I made the annual trip to the CNE.The usual walking and lots of shopping took place. I found by fluck an inexpensive moss agate bracelet and a pendant in two separate places (good for creativity and writing). Also found a fabulous booth in the Arts Crafts & Hobbies building selling unique Tshirts and I bought with an Egyptian wadget eye on it with a quote about not being perfect.

A cool exhibit was the artwork and drawing on the TV show The Big Bank Theory. Another cool exhibit was this year's special exhibit: The Game is Afoot: Consulting Sherlock Holmes. Numerous articles, photographs, books, artifacts, costumes, and paraphernalia relating to Sherlock Holmes, his sidekick Dr. Watson, love interest Irene Adler and archnemesis Moriarty, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and illustrator Sidney Paget filled the hall. Lots of interesting facts on Doyle and the character he came to eventually hate - so much so he killed the character off much to the dismay and outrage of his Victorian contemporaries. During the lean years, when Doyle's funds began to run low, he resurrected Sherlock which I found rather hilarious - only a writer right? Cool things I learned about Doyle: he was a Freemason and he was into spiritualism and spirit photography attempting to prove life existed beyond the grave. He also became a member of the renowned "The Ghost Club". At the time Doyle believed in the Cottingley Fairies photographs (later proved a hoax).

As always a lovely time at the CNE.
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