Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Jurassic World

Headed over to Rainbow Cinemas to see Jurassic World....a fun sequel to the original movies but very predictable in terms of plot. You don't have to think too hard here. A T- Rex with the ability to camouflage and adapt because the scientists used amphibian DNA to create it - well it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going to happen to the people at the 'amusement park' does it? One of Chris Pratt's better roles. I don't particularly like his movies and he usually plays characters who are idiots. The character of Owen was more suited to him imho in that he was completely normal. Not sure why the script writer or whomever decided Brice Dallas Howard's character Claire should wear heels during the entire movie especially when being chased by a giant hybrid man made dinosaur - it made for silly moments (have to give Brice props for being able to run in stiletos and not use a stunt double). I didn't really see chemistry between the two characters so their romance didn't really resonate with me. The special effects and CGI graphics were great - again you expect that from this movie franchise. I loved the velociraptors but Blue was my favourite. Did I buy Owen could hold back these vicious creatures with his bare hands? Not a chance! Still I enjoyed the movie for what it was - a fun adventure with cool dinosaurs! Not as good as the original but sequels rarely are.
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